Monday, October 22, 2007

National Pink Hejab Day

This Friday, October 26th, is National Pink Hejab day. Women who wear hejab will be wearing pink hejabs to raise awareness for breast cancer.

But those of you who don't wear hejab are thinking, what about me? Well, wear a pink scarf, sisters! It's October, and (at least where I am) it's cold! So snuggle up with a warm pink pashmina. Tie a pink ribbon around your hair or wear it on your wrist. Wear pink bracelets or something.

Or donate some zakat to a cancer research organization. Whatever works for you.

Bottom line: wear something pink this Friday! If we could create a sea of pink (it almost sounds too much, I know), we can help create awareness for the severity of cancer. Though it isn't the #1 killer of women, it's a cause that we can all get behind.