Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Links

Some links for Friday, October 12, 2007:

  • A Saudi woman is sentenced to lashings for being raped. What the hell?
  • Dr. Ruqaya Al Alwani is presented with the Tunisian President Award for her publication The Role of the Muslim Women in Development

  • Al-Ahram argues that the Carnegie Endowment on International Peace’s recent publication on the status of women in Islamic movements is biased.

  • Some good musings about the attire of Muslim women in the media.

  • An interview with ISNA’s (the Islamic Society of North America) new president, Ingrid Mattson, who I think is pretty cool. It’s telling of an accepting community when it can elect a non-Arab, non-Muslim born woman who reverted to Islam (AND kept her name) as the president of ISNA. AND she leads prayer. Damn, that’s cool.

  • Culture Matters examines the role of the documentary Forbidden Lies in the New Orientalism.
  • Another Muslim doll makes an appearance in Indonesia.
  • In Jordan, men get educated on women's rights in Islam.