Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Links

Open wide! Here's a hefty dose of links for 10.19.07:
  • Scary. White supremacists demonstrate against niqabis’ rights to vote.

  • A great post on exactly why all this political uproar about niqab in Canada is racist.

  • Unique Muslimah talks about the sly marginalization of Muslim women on Yahoo!

  • Australia kicks around the ridiculous idea of banning hejab in airports. Is Australia still a democracy?

  • Tunisia’s courts rule a ban on hejab unconstitutional. Enshallah this will prevent future harassment of hejabis in Tunisia.

  • Iranian girls demonstrate against poverty—and there’s lots of adorable pictures!
  • A review of AlSanea’s Girls of Riyadh: Just another neo-Orientalist book?

  • Science isn’t always objective: James Watson links sunlight to libido, and suggests that Muslim women who cover the majority of their skin are frigid. I think he’s just mad because no Muslim woman in her right mind would want to have sex with him.

  • Nirali magazine discusses the fact that people still just don’t get the idea of purdah (or hejab).

  • Barikallah! The United Kingdom gets its first Muslim woman in Parliament.