Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Links

Remember to wear a pink scarf/hejab today! Support breast cancer survivors and create awareness of the disease!

Here are some good reads for 10.26.07:

  • The first Pakistani woman astronaut gets ready to blast off!

  • Ed Husain from U.K.’s The Guardian explores Women Without Borders in Vienna, and the platform they have given to Muslim women.
  • Lilith Attack explores the racist backlash from a bus incident in which the bus driver wore a headscarf.
  • A Spanish film about the discrimination that Muslim women who wear hejab face in Spain.

  • Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn’t a good spokesperson for Islam.

  • Police detain dozens of Muslim Kashmiri women for protesting the U.N.’s failure to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

  • Queen Rania comes to California and kicks ass!

  • Haleh Afshar takes up a seat in the British House of Lords, just for being one smart lady.

  • Why Islamo-Facism Awareness Week is full of crap (and lots of hate,too).

  • Kabul has a fashion show for policewomen. This is supposed to build moral among female policewomen how? With all the fashion shows it's had lately, you'd think Kabul would be the world's next fashion capital.

  • An American professor wears niqab to teach students a lesson about perceptions and prejudice.